Yoga & Meditation in Costa Rica's Nature

Recreation and Cleansing of Body & Soul

Indulge yourself in 2 or 3 weeks of yoga, relaxation, meditation, massages and healthy nutrition. Learn about indigenous philosophy of life and healing plants and witness the magnificent biodiversity of the tropical rainforest as well as pristine beaches at the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.

Unique Highlights:

  • Dream beaches of Montezuma
  • Meditation and relaxation in the remote forest protection area of Monte Alto, accompanied by birdsong
  • Hot springs and spectacular views over Arenal Volcano

We will start our journey in Ciudad Colón near the capital San José at the „Cocoxcalli“-House of Healing. Then we will travel to the Pacific by crossing the Gulf of Nicoya and reach the beaches of Montezuma where we will stay for 3 days at the Nature Lounge. Afterwards we will go to the northern part of the peninsula and visit the forest protection area Karen Mogensen. We will continue to go to the reserve of Monte Alto where we will spend 3 nights with yoga sessions in the morning and trips within Monte Alto and to the Pacific. Our next stop (2 days) is Arenal Volcano & Lake, where electricity is generated from natural resources like terrestrial heat, wind and water. You will also have the opportunity to relax in the hot springs! This two-week trip will end at the “Cocoxcalli" House of Healing where we started our journey.

We also offer a third week to the Caribbean coast on the edge of Cahuita's tropical rainforests as an extension. You can choose between taking yoga sessions with our teacher or visit the yoga centre Goddess Garden individually. More information can be found in our detailed programme.

The programme’s structure:

We will start every day with yoga and meditation. The selected hotels all provide the possibility to relax and meditate individually. During the day we usually offer activities and trips to experience natural and cultural attractions in different places actively.

For yoga lessons we offer the following forms of yoga:

Hatha, Asthanga, Vinyasa-Flow, Dance-Flow, Meditacion Pranayama