House of Health “Cocoxcalli”

“Cocoxcalli” (Nahualt for alternative healing house) is designed especially for those customers who desire to improve different aspects of their health with alternative medicine approaches that combine Indian and native- American wisdoms, mainly through the use of medicinal plants.

This method is known as Ayurveda and facilitates the determination of any unbalances associated with the biological humors of Vata, Pitta and Kapha of the Ayurvedic system, based on the person’s constitution that fluctuate between carbonic, phosphoric, fluoric and sulphuric.

Once the person has been diagnosed, a recommendation is made regarding the most appropriate type of food in the given climatic context. Costa Rica, with its wide variety of microclimates and the ideal natural products that grows all along the country, is with no doubt a privileged healing place.

Since a good health is based on four elements: diet, movement, interpersonal relationships and the environment, we offer a combination of these four stages in the context of a healthy daily program, which includes ayurvedic food, yoga, walks and recreational activities, and group treatments, all within a natural environment. Such a combination guarantees the kind of healing our visitors look for.

We offer a bi-dimensional program: prevention and recovery of health.

The person who is interested in our program may stay with us from one to 30 days, or if he/ she prefers to continue the treatment at the beach, it is possible to program it that way. For healing purposes in such places, we have The Goddess Garden, Cauhita , Limon province. 

The Goddess Garden, located in the middle of the magic Rainforest, is waiting for you with a Spiritual Center to continue the treatment. You can do yoga and meditation in a delightful place and take a massage with professionals. 

We offer 2 Workshops of Yoga, including Ayurvedic medicinal aromatic species

  • 4 - 6 December 2009
  • 26 - 28 February 2010



Silvia Monge:

  • Yoga instructor, recognized by John Friend in the management of the Anusara method.
  • She worked together with Sianna Sherman, Kenny Graham and Kelly Hass and teaches at the training program for teachers of yoga of the Yogamastai school in Costa Rica.
  • She collaborates in Zukha Center; organizes and periodically give sequences of workshops inspired by Anusara. 


Juan Manuel Alpizar  J.:

  • Specialist in Ayurvedic medicine who will be in charge of the introduction to theory and Ayurveda practice focused on the ayurvedic properties and aromatic species. 


Cost: $150. 


  • Friday: 1 hour and 30 minutes of yoga, ayurvedic dinner, accommodation
  • Saturday: ayurvedic breakfast, 3 hours of yoga, ayurvedic lunch, workshop about ayurvedic Food, dinner, accommodation
  • Sunday: ayurvedic breakfast, 3 hours of yoga, ayurvedic
  • There will always be a station with water, fruit and tea.