New experiences and cultural understanding

Our Concept

On our tours you will visit the classic highlights of the country, but also discover places far away from the common tourist streams and get in contact with Costa Rican people who will accommodate and serve you, and as the real local experts they will be glad to offer guide services and give further information.

We will show you some of Costa Rica's most interesting places: national parks with active volcanos, tropical rain and cloud forests, rivers with a rich flora and fauna and much more. You will get an introduction to flora and fauna by experts, discuss with environmentalists, get an impression of Costa Rica's culture and visit local projects. Of course you will also have some time to relax at the beaches of the Pacific and the Caribbean.

The revenues from our journeys will stay with local, ecological and  cultural orientated farmer initiatives and small businesses to support a sustainable development of Costa Rica.

Our Tours

We offer you the "Natural Paradise": a 2-week tour "Entre Dos Oceanos" = "Between Two Oceans" to the Pacific and the Caribbean coast including Poás Volcano, the Cloud Forest of Monteverde and Arenal Volcano and Lake.

Our 15-day eco-tour "Costa Rica Auténtica" focusses on ecology: It leads you to National Parks, community-run forest reserves and a variety of ecotouristic Campesino projects.

Our 1-week "Adventure-Package" shows you the country in an active way including a lot of natural highlights and some of Costarrican culture elements.

For athletic people we offer three different cycling tours: a two-week cycling tour from San José to the Central Pacific and Peninsula of Nicoya, a one-week cycling tour from Arenal to Sámara and a one to three-week individual cycling tour. A one-week hiking tour from the Paramo (3500 m) to the Pacific can be combined with the one-week tour.

Students might be interested in our three-weeks tour in the summer holidays, - especially conceived for young people.

Individual tourists could opt for our 1-3-week Modular Tours: Pacific, Caribbean and South, our Flexi-Drive-Programme (car rental, vouchers for selected hotels), or just enjoy our Hotel El Marañón to start your journey through Costa Rica.

We offer rent a car, private transportation, day tours and reservation of hotels and ecotouristic projects.