Trekking & Cycling in Costa Rica

We offer you:

  • 2-weeks Cycle Tour from San José to the Central Pazific continuing on the Peninsula of Nicoya to the beaches of Sámara                                                                    
  • 16-days-combination of Trekking & Cycling including 6 days of trekking from Macizo de la Muerte starting on 3400m hight down hill to the Pazific near the beach of Manuel Antonio and 5 days of cycling from Volcano Poás on 2700m hight to Arenal Volcano and lake and going on to the peninsula of Nicaya to the beach of Sámara el Nicoya an. Beside the 16-days-combination you can also do only 1 week of Trekking or 1 week of Cycling.                                                                                      
  • If you want to cycle on your own, we offer a 2-3-weeks Individual Cycle Tour to the Caribbean and to the Pazific, where the hotels and lodges are reserved and some local tours programed.