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Cultourica F&S Agencia de Viajes S.A.

Hotel El Marañón                                                                                                                 Certificación de Sostenibilidad Turística                                                                          Contract with the Turism Ministry I.C.T. 969                                                                   

Restaurante El Aguacate

Oficina de Ecoturismo Sostenible OETS

Silvia Rodríguez Jiménez
Frank Doyé

6100 Ciudad Colón
Barrio La Trinidad
contiguo iglesia
Costa Rica


Tel 00506 - 2249 12 71 + 2249 06 87
Fax 00506 - 2249 17 61


If you wish information about an individual service, please give us the following importand dates to be able to make you an atractive offer:

  • number of persons (children ?)
  • which possible dates and how long do you want to stay in Costa Rica?
  • your interests: beaches, Dry -, Rain-, Cloud - Forest, Nacional Parks, volcanoes, ecotouristic projects, Rent-a-car, Shuttle buses, flights
  • airport pick up
  • How much do you want to spend?


Silvia Rodríguez Jiménez, San José
Marek Ratajczek, Köln
Eduardo Libby, San José
Hugo Rohde, Frankfurt am Main

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