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Cultourica F&S Agencia de Viajes S.A.

Eco-Art Hotel El Marañón                                                                                                                 Certificación de Sostenibilidad Turística                                                                          Contract with the Turism Ministry I.C.T. 969                                                                   

Events El Aguacate

Oficina de Ecoturismo Sostenible OETS

Director: Frank Doyé

6100 Ciudad Colón
Barrio La Trinidad
contiguo la iglesia catolica
Costa Rica


Tel 00506 - 2249 12 71 + 2249 06 87



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If you wish information about an individual service, please give us the following importand dates to be able to make you an atractive offer:

  • number of persons (children ?)
  • which possible dates and how long do you want to stay in Costa Rica?
  • your interests: beaches, Dry -, Rain-, Cloud - Forest, Nacional Parks, volcanoes, ecotouristic projects, Rent-a-car, Shuttle buses, flights
  • airport pick up
  • How much do you want to spend?


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